Well, that’s that.

We know that every season comes to an end, but some seasons are just a little harder to leave behind than others. This is one of those seasons. We’re finally home. I can… Continue reading

Chicago – Day 33

Chicago doesn’t really count as a visited city. We rolled in late, got pizza with Nora, & slept on her futon. Thank you, dear, for graciously hosting us!

Lake George, MN – Day 30, Day 31, Day 32

While driving through the night 30+ hours may not be something we recommend anyone do in the future, it did make our arrival at Grandma Bonnie’s that much sweeter! We were tired, slap-happy,… Continue reading

Day Whatever, Day Who Knows!!

Leaving Seattle, we knew we had a couple of pit stops on the way – but had no idea what the next 30 hours had in store for us!  But first, it was… Continue reading

Day 28 – Seattle

Finally we made it all the way to Seattle! I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves…. We knew we had to visit Pike’s Place and it was hopping on Saturday morning… Continue reading

PORTLAND – Day 26, Day 27

If only we could have spent a few more days in Portland. The quiet neighborhoods, the young families, the eclectic shops, and the outdoors! After a long and meandering drive up from San… Continue reading

Day 25 – The Beach, Oregon Coast

After leaving the Avenue of the Giants, we continued, yet again, up the coast. However, the scenery began to change as we passed from California into Oregon. The clouds were heavy and damp,… Continue reading

Day 24 – The Avenue of the Giants

Along our route north to Portland, Rhyan and I decided to drive the infamous Avenue of the Giants, running parallel to the  coastal 101. This scenic road, meandering peacefully through the Humbolt Redwoods… Continue reading

Oh My Sweet Carolina

Two songs in one day! Oh My Sweet Carolina Music & Lyrics by Ryan Adams

Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows

New song, as promised, finally recorded in Grandma Bonnie’s living room! Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows Music & Lyrics by Pete Droge