Abundant Life? – Day 6

Strangely enough, it seems that as Rhyan and I traverse the country, we are bringing with us the thunder and rain and clouds and cold. As I sit in Austin to write this,… Continue reading

On the Road Again – New Song

For one of our evenings in Pensacola, the weather was calm enough for us to sit outside our tent & work on a little more music. The recording here is from our iPhones,… Continue reading

Fort Pickens, FL – Day 4, Day 5

Our reasons for choosing Fort Pickens, Pensacola were simple: it is half-way between Atlanta and New Orleans; it is camping on the beach.  We were very ready to catch some rays and some z’s before… Continue reading

Hey, Atlanta! – Day 2, Day 3

So, I’m typing right now at (apparently) the only Starbucks in Florida, elbow to elbow with about one hundred other people who also seem to be looking for a place to escape this… Continue reading

The Great Smoky Mountains – Day 1, Day 2

We rolled out bright and early on Sunday morning – the back of the Jeep loaded down with all our trip necessities: tent, sleeping bags, guitars, chocolate covered almond caramel clusters, etc. etc.… Continue reading

The Send Off

A huge thank you to Carter Keeton and Ashley Quinn for being incredible friends and sending us off on this trip with a fare-well party. We were obviously too busy to take many… Continue reading

i’ve got a song in my heart

Goin’ Goin’ Gone Rhyan and I wrote and recorded this little song the other day, inspired by our ramblin’ trip! take a listen!