PORTLAND – Day 26, Day 27

If only we could have spent a few more days in Portland. The quiet neighborhoods, the young families, the eclectic shops, and the outdoors! After a long and meandering drive up from San Francisco, we arrived late Tuesday night and stayed with our gracious new friends Erin and Stephen! Wednesday morning we started our morning at Stumptown Coffee on Belmont, updating the blog, and enjoying the (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!) quiet, grey weather outside. Around noon we were able to walk up and down Belmont a little, grabbing some fun souvenirs at Noun, cupcakes at Saint Cupcake Deluxe, and lunch at Dick’s Kitchen.

^^^ Good looking coffee & good looking people!

With full bellies, we wandered through the neighborhood Hawthorne for some more shopping. The neighborhood was incredibly beautiful with its overgrown flower gardens and brightly colored homes. We really started falling in love with Portland (:

^^^ Actual chickens in an actual front yard. We found Colin!

^^^ Hawthorne – great thrifting success!

^^^ And no visit is complete without a Fred Armisen spotting! There he is!!

Next stop was a visit to Northwest and 23rd, though it was a little underwhelming for us and we decided to make evening plans instead. It was going to be perfect. We found a rooftop showing of Dancing Outlaw I & II at Hotel Deluxe. But unfortunately, once we made it to the top, we found out they had to call the event due to rain.

Instead, we made our way to Deschute’s Brewery & Pub and (eventually) enjoyed a yummy beer sampler, portobello mushroom burger, and mac & cheese. Though it wasn’t our best evening plan, the food was yummy and the night was relaxing!

Thursday morning, we ate breakfast and took ourselves to the Tualatin River for some kayaking!

Then hit the road for Seattle!