Day 24 – The Avenue of the Giants

Along our route north to Portland, Rhyan and I decided to drive the infamous Avenue of the Giants, running parallel to the  coastal 101. This scenic road, meandering peacefully through the Humbolt Redwoods State Park, was an easy detour and an obvious must see, and although we knew these trees were going to be big, we were absolutely in awe of their enormity. The light was waning and pictures were a little difficult to capture but we shot a few, in hopes of grasping the scale of we were experiencing. Obviously, looking back, these do a discredit to how beautiful and dwarfing the trees truly were. But hopefully it still gives you an idea of how incredible they were!


Sitting tall ^^^


Feeling small ^^^


tiny jumps ^^^


A room in a tree ^^^


A fallen giant ^^^


Eyes up ^^^