Day 28 – Seattle

Finally we made it all the way to Seattle! I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves….

We knew we had to visit Pike’s Place and it was hopping on Saturday morning ^^^


Breakfasting took place at The Crumpet Shop at Pike’s Place. Best crumpets I have EVER had! ^^^

What’s better to follow crumpets then doughnut holes? Apparently nothing. Cue maple bacon heaven… ^^^

Sarah generously hosted us during our stay in Seattle. She was amazing!! We can’t thank her enough for showing us a fantastic time in town!

We found miles of beautiful flowers… ^^^

And miles of beautiful vegetables. ^^^

Drinking a little coffee while browsing was pretty obvious ^^^


No trip to Pike’s is complete without a trip to the Gum Wall in Post Alley. Disgusting. But necessary to participate in. ^^^

IMG_9948 IMG_4773
We left Pike’s to peruse the shopping district of Ballard. Adorable shops and even more adorable bakeries! We clearly couldn’t say no to a couple brightly colored macaroons ^^^


The afternoon was spent at Gasworks Park, where we walked and sat and enjoyed the gorgeous afternoon.  The park is located on the north edge of Lake Union, offering a perfect view of the city. The grounds were covered in picnic-ers and nappers. We watched the boats sailing on the lakes, float-planes taking off, and even a few weddings taking place!

Hanging by the George Washington Memorial Bridge ^^^

We were just happy it decided not to rain ^^^

photo 4 photo 1
For dinner we had the best cubans we’ve ever tasted. If you get the chance while in Seattle you MUST go to Paseo. Make sure you have cash. You won’t be disappointed. And many thanks to Ilke,  one of our Seattle guides, for take us to Paseo and showing us around the ‘hood! ^^^

We ended the day by heading to the Seattle Center Movies at the Mural. We were excited to watch a movie under the Seattle stars but as we headed towards the Space Needle where the movie was being shown, we passed the absolutely unreal exterior of the Experience Music Project. I really wished we had had time to check it out but it was closed when we arrived.

IMG_4810 IMG_4819
The colors in person were gorgeous . ^^^

IMG_4823 photo 3

Watching “Hugo” under the Space Needle was the perfect way to end our West Coast adventures. We couldn’t have asked for a better close to our northward climb before beginning our trek back East.