Day 25 – The Beach, Oregon Coast

After leaving the Avenue of the Giants, we continued, yet again, up the coast. However, the scenery began to change as we passed from California into Oregon. The clouds were heavy and damp, a chill hung in the air.  It gave the coast such a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. We couldn’t help but feel like we had somehow time-warped to Ireland.

We began passing scenic overlooks before stopping on a quiet beach with enormous black rocks scattered across the sand and rising from the waves. The sand was almost as dark as charcoal, littered with smooth white driftwood and vibrant flowers. They were such a contrast to the grey sky and dark waves! It was breathtaking!

The flowers were so beautiful and grew right up to the sand’s edge! ^^^

So we ditched our shoes and headed out to explore. ^^^

We found little sand blossoms ^^^

IMG_4603 IMG_4687
… and some adventure ^^^


IMG_9834   IMG_9865
… new places to nestle, and a few mussels.  ^^^

We lept, ^^^

we smiled, ^^^

and found a fortune of sand dollars. ^^^

We loved this spontaneous stop so much. It was such a perfect introduction to Oregon!!