San Francisco! – Day 22, Day 23

After our meandering adventure up the PCH, we rolled into San Francisco late Saturday night to – SURPRISE! – Winter time! Freezing and hungry, we grabbed a late night taco snack with my dear friend Allie and her friend James followed by hot chais at the eccentric Radio Habana. HA! Eccentric. That word is an understatement when it comes to describing San Francisco.

The next morning, we woke to Sunday Streets on Valencia. The street was closed to cars and the fun, quirky families of the city were taking over.  This event had everything. Toddlers on skateboards, tiny dogs in sweater vests on leashes, a “how to change a bicycle chain” booth, a bluegrass trio, and two old people dressed in all white doing yoga. We grabbed coffee and donuts at Ritual Coffee Roasters and strolled through the parade of crazies in search of Tartine bakery – and my parents!

photo (1)

That’s right. It was pretty funny timing that my parents should choose to take their own coastal vacation the same week we were here.  And it was really fun to be able to meet up with them at one of Allie’s favorite SF bakeries.  After huge & delicious sandwiches, we all walked up to Dolores Park for a view of the city before parting ways. Hope you two lovebirds enjoyed the rest of your time in Cali!


As for Allie, Melody, and myself, it was off to the Port of San Francisco for us! Though still cold, foggy, and grey out, we decided to brave the elements aboard a ferry bound for Sausalito.



Followed by some strolling, window shopping, and ice cream snacking for the afternoon before ferrying back to the city.  We then enjoyed a Peruvian dinner at Limón (Pablo Sandoval’s favorite!) and it was delicious – let us recommend the Antichuco de Res (beef heart and crispy yucca) and the chocolate lava cake for dessert! Yum yum yum, we wish we could go back.

Monday was our big sightseeing day and we took it all in.  Despite the grey cold (did we mention the Winter??), it was a pretty and fun-filled day for us.  Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Painted Ladies all before 5!


photo (5)

IMG_4352 IMG_4354

^^^Japanese gardens in Golden Gate Park


^^^Delicious Indian food truck lunch in the park!




photo (3)

^^^Pretty Painted Ladies

Our friend Joey came into town to join us for dinner – this time, Hog & Rocks.  (Recommended: H&R burger with egg yolk fries). Yeah, San Francisco, we splurged on your food! The team said our goodbyes at Ritual Coffee and Mel & I headed up to the Redwood Forests the next morning.  Thank you, Allie (& Brian too!), for your hospitality!

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