Santa Barbara – Day 18, Day 19, Day 20

I couldn’t have been more excited to head from LA a few hours north up to Santa Barbara. So we said our goodbyes and headed up the coast. Though I’d been to SB before, it was Rhyan’s first time and I couldn’t wait to show her around. I knew she’d love it as much as I do!


Santa Barbara is nestled right on the coast of California just north of LA, between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. The climate is warm, breezy, mostly sunny, and generally just perfect so when my brother Greg settled there several years ago, I couldn’t wait to visit. Day one dawned bright and early and we headed to Metrapolus for a quick brunch. Sandwiches here are just amazing and the surrounding neighborhood, AKA Funk Zone, is pretty happening too!


We left lunch to browse the town a bit before heading over to meet up with Allie, my brother’s darling significant other, and do some paddle-boarding. Unfortunately, there was a strong wind and current in the bay so paddle-boarding was postponed. We walked along the pier for some pre- dinner drinks and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the ocean from our table. We decided to eat at Los Agaves. One thing is sure, with all this delicious food around, it’s easy to spend big but we decided it was worth the splurge!




The next morning after some coffee from The French Press (a must visit for coffee lovers) we headed to the harbor for some paddle-boarding. It was a perfect day, the wind was down, and we stayed out in the ocean for almost two hours! We loved ever minute of it and even did a little accidental surfing when we decided to dock on a little island. It was so much fun and I definitely recommend it!



After paddle-boarding we went for appetizers and desert at The French Table. They were the best crepes I’ve had in a really long time!



banana crepes and ice cream ^^^

As we headed home to freshen up for dinner we stopped by the Old Mission and checked out the Santa Barbara Chalk Festival. Some pretty amazing work!



here are two of my favorites ^^^

In the evening, we enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous scenic drive into the Santa Ynez Valley where we stopped along the way to snap a few photos in the setting sunlight. This was one of our personal highlights of our stay at Santa Barbara.


Bridge over Santa Ynez Valley ^^^


Dear people ^^^


hanging with my bro, checking out the valley ^^^

We decided on Dinner at the Cold Spring Tavern, which is settled deep in the valley and nestled off the road in the deep green of the forest. The restaurant is actually an old stagecoach stop from the 1860’s where travelers could stop and have a hot meal before continuing on their way. The atmosphere here was so peaceful and quiet, with the sounds of a nearby creek drifting in the open windows. Not to mention, the food is fantastic. If you’re ever in SB, don’t hesitate to eat here!


Such a sweet place! ^^^

Our last stop of the night was a quick stroll on the beach before heading to bed.


night time beach stroll ^^^

The next morning, plans changed when we were unable to find a camping spot for the night so we extended our time in SB one more day and night. Breakfast was a homemade ordeal, with kale, eggs, and homegrown tomatoes fresh from the backyard garden.


Beach volleyball, boardwalk lunch on the shore, and a dip in the icy Pacific preceded freshening up and heading to the court house in town for an outdoor movie! Of course, no outing would be complete without fantastic snacks so with a spread of antipasto we grabbed our chairs and blankets and enjoyed Hitchcock’s Psycho on the lawn.


outdoor movies at the court house ^^^


beet, kale, feta salad ^^^

It was the perfect way to end our time there and even though I was so excited to head out to San Francisco, I was so sad to leave my family and friends. Santa Barbara, I hope I see you sooner than later!! You’re always in my heart.