DRIVING FOREVER + Albuqurque, NM – Day 10, Day 11

People will tell you all the time “Texas is the biggest state EVER.” But I don’t think anyone can understand what this means until they drive it all. in one day. through a million miles of nothing but grass on each side as far as the eye can see. The biggest excitement for us on this twelve hour stretch of driving were the following, ranked in order of how many pictures of each we later deleted: a train, 10,000 wind turbines, the big sky. Delete. Delete. Delete. No one wants to see Texas, so we will spare you.

But we treated ourselves to a hotel (with a hot tub!) and a long night’s rest in Albuqurque. Thanks to recommendations from Cory and Nena (thanks again, guys!) we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast at The Frontier before heading to the Sandia Peak Tramway to get a bird’s eye view of this pretty town. And no visit to NM is complete without a Mennetonka purchase at Flying C Ranch. Our new moccasins make every hiking trip so much more authentic and exciting!

^^^ Best friends eat at The Frontier restaurant!

^^^ ALWAYS order extra tortillas!

^^^ And ALWAYS order the melting cinnamon roll. We’ll be back, ABQ!

^^^ The tram is the longest tram in the world! 2 miles!

IMG_8911 IMG_8899

^^^ The views of the city were really pretty despite the hazy cloud coverage.

^^^ Minnetonka4LYFE!!

^^^ Adios, Albuquerque!