Houston! – Day 7, Day 8

Staying in Houston, albeit too short, was a refreshing time with old & new friends. Our lovely friends Kate and Brian were our gracious hosts and meeting their sweet baby Emmett made the visit absolute bliss. I am completely smitten and I can’t wait to see what his little person is going to be like.

We got into Houston in time for a delicious barbeque pulled pork dinner at home and spent time catching up. In the morning, Brian woke us up with his famous oatmeal brown sugar pancakes and we spent the morning relaxing, talking, and generally falling in love with the baby. I mean, get real. That face! Those cheeks!



For lunch, we joined some of Kate & Brian’s Houston friends – and all of their babies! There’s definitely something in the water down here 😉 Claire and David and baby Hallie then invited all of us to spend the rest of the afternoon with them at their pool. It was such a relaxing and encouraging time full of good food, good conversation, & snuggly napping eatable babes.



^^^ Claire, David, and beautiful baby Hallie



^^^Mama & Auntie & sweet baby Emmett


Gathered around the dinner table together, Claire and David started asking about our trip and what we’ve learned so far. The discussion on abundant life recurred and it was encouraging to learn more perspectives from everyone. Stories of people living in extravagance and being happier later in life when they learn generosity; stories of people living in poverty, but being rich in friendships and family; stories of joy in its many different forms. C, D, K, and B are in a completely different place in life from Melody & I: married with newborns in Houston. But their goals for living well and experiencing life and love in their truest forms – the way they were designed to be known – couldn’t be more similar. Thank you all for your generosity, your conversation, your adorable children, and your encouragement along our journey. Off to Austin!



^^^ Beautiful mama & happy baby!  See you both in August! xo