Goin’, Goin’, Gone!

So. This whole idea of starting a blog came about because of this crazy idea (ok fine, amazingly awesome idea) my roommate and darling friend and I came up with several months ago. It’s sort of the birth of lots of conversations we’ve had recently which have probably come about because of our ages and our quick-paced, stressed out, out-of-control-busy, fit-in-as-much-as-possible, (maybe I’m going overboard… nah) attitude of life around here. Back story – I live right outside of Washington, D.C. in Northern Va. The pace here is exhausting. People are angry. People are rude. People are lonely. But when I look around me at the way people live and are generally unhappy, filled up to the brim with activity and anxiety, it makes me wonder if we’re doing it in the right way. Every commercial is for a sleep aid, a depression aid, an anxiety depressant, or diet pill (because people are too busy to eat healthily). I could go on.

But over the summer I was sitting with my roommate and travel companion, Rhyan, one rare afternoon shucking corn and musing about all this. I remember we both looked down at the work of our hands and thought about how nice it was that we were spending our time not doing something the quickest way or most convenient way possible, but choosing a more hands on approach, loving the process of seeing our food go from its natural form to its edible form.  It gave us time to talk and laugh and think. To observe.

In an attempt to regain perspective on living well and what that even looks like, we’ve decided to take some time to get away. Yes, this means leaving work behind, no income for a several weeks, using up significant portions of our savings, and taking a pretty big chance. This isn’t something that people do around here (or if they do, I just don’t know where they are). We work hard to save money for the future, or in case something bad happens, because the future and calamity are both always lurking just around the corner, or so I’m scared into believing. But one thing has already arrived – the NOW. And that’s what I want to be rich in, and what I can afford to be rich in at the moment, in my stage of life. So this trip is going to stretch across America for 4-6 weeks. We’re going to live simply, eat simply, experience the amazing beauty of creation, hopefully meet awesome people and build new relationships, and hopefully gain a new perspective on living well. We’re going to be chronicling the preparation and entire trip right here, in hopes of capturing our dream –  which we’ve jokingly christened “the new American dream” – to inspire others to try something similar and experience something new.

Life is rich. Experience it well. Love each other. Nurture your relationships. Don’t know where it’ll lead, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to love the journey getting there.